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In keeping with our tradition of high performance at low cost, OSLS has designed a complete line of laser hardware and laser light show equipment. These products have been painstakingly redesigned from the mainstays of the industry, adding innovative new features while reducing the cost. All parts are highest quality black anodized rigid aluminum.

If you qualify for dealer or quantity pricing please contact us at 727-441-1805 or feel free to email us at

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Cambridge Technology Style XY Laser LightShow Galvanometer Mounts

One Stop Laser Shop's brand Cambridge Technology XY laser light show scanner mounts. Available for 6800's, 6210's, and 6215's.

  • 6800         $109.95
  • 6210         $109.95
  • 6215         $199.00
spacer.gif Cambridge 6210 XY Mount
Cambridge 6800 XY Mount spacer.gif
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XYB Cambridge Galvo Mount

Holds 3 Cambridge galvos. Fastest non-AO blanking available. Completely adjustable. Includes Slotted "L" Bracket and Retroreflective Blanking Mount w/ Mirrors. Available for 6800's and 6210's (Sleeveless). Made of black anodized aluminum.

  • 6800 Complete                               $189.95
  • 6210 Complete                               $189.95
  • Mount with Slotted "L" Bracket        $139.90
  • Retro Reflector with Mirrors            $67.95
Cambridge XYB Mount
Retro Reflector Mount

1" MM1 X-Y Mirror Positioning Mount

Including Slotted "L" Bracket, Swivel Block, and 3/4" x 3/4" White-light, high efficiency dielectric mirror. New ultra high accuracy model for accurate alignment of input or output beams on any beam table. Made of black anodized aluminum.

  • 1" MM1 Mount Complete        $64.95
  • Dual Height Swivel Block        $9.95
MM1 Mount
MM1 Swivel Block

X-Y Mirror Positioning Mounts

New ultra high accuracy model for accurate alignment of input or output beams on any beam table. Available in 1", 1.5" and 2" sizes. Made of black anodized aluminum.

  • MM1 Compatible           $34.95
  • MM1.5 Compatible        $39.95
  • MM2 Compatible           $39.95
MM1 Mirror Positioner
MM2 Mirror Positioner

Slotted "L" Brackets

Slotted “L” Brackets. Holds MM1 style mount at a standard 2" or 5" height. 1" wide x 1/4" thick, rigid construction. Normally used with the "Dual height swivel block". Made of black anodized aluminum.

  • Slotted "L" Bracket                 $12.95
  • Long Slotted "L" Bracket        $19.95
Long Slotted L Bracket
Slotted L Bracket

Bounce Mirror Mounts

Yoke and stacked plate with precision X-Y adjust. Available for both 4" and 8" mirror sizes. Made of black anodized aluminum.

  • 4" Bounce Mirror Mount        $65.00
  • 8" Bounce Mirror Mount        $75.00
  • Heavy Duty Clamp                $9.95

OPTION: Front surface aluminized mirror installed.

4" Bounce Mirror
8" Bounce Mirror
Heavy Duty Clamp

GM20 & MFE Compatible Flags

For color and beam switching. Low mass flag is the same as the other, but the flag portion has multiple in-line holes to reduce mass and increase speed. Made of black anodized aluminum.

  • GM20 Style Flag                          $15.95
  • MFE Style Flag                            $15.95
  • GM20 Style Low Mass Flag         $18.95
  • MFE Style Low Mass Flag           $18.95
GM20 MFE Arms

GM20 & MFE Compatible Brackets

Holds galvo and flag combination in desired position in order to swing into beam path.

  • GM20 Style Bracket        $18.95
  • MFE Style Bracket          $18.95
MFE GM20 Bracket

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